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Luc Ancel vous souhaite une agréable visite

French painter and sculptor Luc Ancel

Visual Arts Awards








THE COURIER, Emile Koog article of April 15, 2005
The oils of the artist will show both an old mill on an old canal peaceful under her branches guess that cool in summer, a raging sea waves a surprising transparency.

Flamingos on Japan sea side with a still life or a girl accompanied by two apples more than symbolic.

Remember two paintings that Dali would not denigrated, prints of old wise Greeks, some nudes beautiful cleverly staged in settings where it is worth looking at the details, for example with this globe hourglass-dripping 
as mud and you have an exposure of more engaging where everyone finds a space that feels like it.

MESSENGER, April 2005 article

Born in April 1951, this self-taught painting with the enthusiasm of his 18 years. His paintings have been distinguished by several awards.delicacy of line, academic forms, sense of decoration in its broad perspective and light colors characterize his compositions. The symbolism is treated in a figurative way.

Some prefer a graphic monochrome canvases out of illustrator, as this portrait of a man with patriarchal face, others mention a sunbathing for a couple of juvenile or imaginary landscapes. Some beautiful flowers like hibiscus and wild orchids have also inspired the artist, at ease in a variety of subjects, between fantasy, landscapes and still life. 
For a performance of equal quality, Luc Ancel attracted throughout his works.

VEVEY weekly, Article Foam Boulanger of March 12, 2010.

Along with the sculpture Luke Ancel proposes the Gallery of his paintings that play Jorat sometimes the wrong eye. They contain the mystery of small temple of love, the atmosphere of secret parklands, a canopy, the undergrowth or skies glimpsed between the arches of a palace.

Luke Ancel created by allegorical figurative compositions that do not mask the imaginary or still lifes. 
It offers a delicate painting that captures the light and leaves vibrate colors in a palette shimmer.

Region ORON and Jorat, article March 19, 2010.

French settled in Antibes, Luke realizes Ancel paintings over the past fifteen years. Self-taught, he received numerous awards

Colourful, mixing oil and acrylic, her delicate works address the symbolism of a figurative way. Great perspective, light color, delicacy of line or academic forms of his paintings are some examples of purity. The viewer might even want to take this glass of red wine enthroned next to his bottle in the tasting or to slide over the green water of the canal in the woods. 
Other works, however, are more dreamlike and clearly belong to the world of fantasy as a naked woman leaning against a timer and placing his hand gently on the shoulder of a statue in regret.

JOURNAL OF MOUDON article of March 11, 2010 F.George Perrin.

Self-taught, Luke Ancel has a track record more interesting in the middle of art. With some talent, he attempts to make paintings in a variety of topics. He strikes the precision of line, color brightness and depth of subjects in the space of the canvas. A whole catalog of inspirations that lie well the artist in a real research topic, the pictorial quality is of equal quality regardless of the motives reproduced. Undoubtedly, the artist prepares a nice path in the difficult world of art.