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Luc Ancel vous souhaite une agréable visite

Retour Painting and sculpture

private collection

Find old creations

Oil-based paint-Fantasm

Oil on canvas
55x46 cm

Painting acrylic-based and oil based: The prédator

Mixed media: Acrylic an oil on canvas

Oil-based paint - Tasting

Oil on canvas

Oil painting - Provençal landscape.

Mixed media: acrylic and oil.
41x33 cm

Oil on canvas - The dream of Isabelle

Mixed média: acrylic and oil.
61x50 cm

Oil-based painting - Little Miss

Oil on canvas.
92x73 cm

Oil-based paint - broken pane

.Mixed media: acrylic and oil
100x73 cm

Acrylic-based paint and oil-based paint: the temple of love

Mixed media: acrylic and oil
92x75 cm

Oil painting-Dead calm before the storm

Oil on canvas
61x50 cm